An Employee Fulfillment Model – Part 4

An Employee Fulfillment Model – Part 4

As I described in the last blog, we can measure and improve empowerment using a simple model and some data analysis. If, However, we define “employee empowerment” as when an employee has everything they need to do their job, it is a pretty low bar. Is there something above employee empowerment that we can work towards? Something we might call “engagement?” Read on to find out!

Empowered Person

An Employee Fulfillment Model – Part 3

Empowering employees sounds great, but is there a way to measure empowerment and actually take actions as a manager to improve it? Read on in the blog and see what the power of data can do for you!

An Employee Fulfillment Model - Part 2

An Employee Fulfillment Model - Part 2

If you want to engage your employees, first you need to empower them. But what does that even mean? In this blog I will give you a basic definition and set the stage to measure and improve it with data, so read on!


An Employee Fulfillment Model - Part 1

Has someone ever told you, "Your employees are not engaged," or "I don't feel empowered"? Would you know what to do about it?


Business Metrics and Performance Reviews

As part of the Business Performance Excellence (BPE) process, we help clients create and align metrics from the top of the organization on down to the individual contributor. These metrics can then be used to lead via a strategic plan and manage the day to day operations.

I often get asked, “Can we use these metrics in performance evaluation?”