Useful Apps

These apps are intended to teach you concepts about statistics. Don't use them to make business decisions by themselves!

Getting Started with Apps in R

Install R

Get Access to R

First, you will need access to R. There are two ways you can do this.

  • If you want it installed on your computer, download and install the R statistical programming language:
  • If you want to use it in the cloud, you can get a free account using Posit:
    • This is also the preferred solution with Macs, since some Macs make installing this difficult.

The cloud version also includes an interface called RStudio that makes it easier to write code in R. You can also get it for your computer if you like. It is optional, but does make things easier.

You can download RStudio here:

The Apps

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Explore the Central Limit Theorem

This app allows you to select different distributions, select a sample size, and take 10,000 samples of that sample size. It then shows the distribution of the averages of the samples. You can see how larger sample sizes make the RSD of the average more and more normally distributed even for the most skewed distributions. The app shows the theoretical RSD, the results of the sample, and the population parameters.

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App demonstrating how alpha, sigma, delta, and sample size affect beta

How α, σ, Δ, and Sample Size Affects β

This app allows you to change α, σ, Δ, and sample size and see how it affects the null and alternative RSDs and β.

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Best Case / Worst Case Analysis

Use this app to see different scenarios for a given specification and population estimates and their confidence intervals. The app will predict the percent falling outside of the specs as well as Taguchi losses.

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Effect Size Calculation to Meet Financial Goals

This app takes information about your process and specifications, current scrap rate, risk tolerance, and financial goals to calculate what effect size you need to justify the expense of a process change.

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An app to explore how ANOVA works

How Does ANOVA Work?

You can use this app to change the parameters of four distributions and see how ANOVA uses two ways to estimate the variance to detect if there is a difference in the averages among the four.

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