"Business is ultimately about people. Data must serve the needs of people, not the other way around."

Steve is a Colorado-based consultant, writer, blogger, and speaker known for his empathy, humor, and effectiveness.
Galileo's Telescope

New Book Released!

Galileo's Telescope

Why is Everyone Working on the Wrong Things?

Metrics are important in an organization, but how do you create metrics that energize your employees to work on the right things? How is managing a front-line process different than managing other managers? How do you create a strategic plan that is more than a list of things we wish would happen?

Author and consultant Steven Ouellette will answer these questions by showing you how to build a set of integrated metrics that supports day-to-day management as well as a strategic plan. He does this through a straightforward process that has been tested in hundreds of organizations, while showing how it works by building a business step-by-step with the reader.

Interspersed with stories from Galileo's life that have relevance today, Galileo's Telescope is a must-read for anyone wanting to know how to build, manage, or lead an organization.

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  • Right Data > Big Data

    “Big Data” is big right now. It offers the promise of turning vast amounts of data into profits. Often, however, this promise is not fulfilled, because in order to reap the benefits of big data, you first have to know what the right data is. And that is a question that no AI can yet answer.

  • The Metrics Catch-22

    Joseph Heller’s dark satire Catch-22 proposes the term for problems that inherently prevent their own solutions. Creating good metrics can be seen as a Catch-22: Good metrics take time to create, but until you have good metrics there is no time to create them. How true is this and is there a way to break this cycle?

  • It’s Going to be Harder Than You Think to Go Back to the Workplace

    I lived in Western Europe for a year after college when I was a Watson Fellow. Adapting to new cultures and mores was difficult, but I was surprised at how much more difficult it was returning to my own country afterwards.

    As we near the milestone in the US of 50% with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, it is time to think about how to begin the transition back to the workplace. I think companies are going to find out that it is much more difficult than just “getting back to normal.” I can offer some things from quality and management to help out.

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The Six Sigma Heretic

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Business Performance Excellence

Business Performance Excellence

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New Book Released

Do you think your business needs to do something, but no one agrees on what that is? Do you ever wonder why everyone hits their targets but the business is losing money?

Learn how to fix that in Steven Ouellette's new book!

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The Other Side of Succession Planning

Steven Ouellette presented a "Power 60 Professional Development" event nationwide for NCCI. Although we spend time finding and grooming the right person for the job, but what happens once they take over?



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